A Working Mom’s Letter to her Child


To my precious one,

Funny how you told me this morning that you are my precious daughter and I asked you why. Your answer was brilliant! You said, “It’s because you love me, Mama!”

Every night, as I kiss you good night I do wish you do not have to say, “I’ll see you when you pick me up tomorrow, Mama!”. I wish I am with you throughout the day and see the things you do while I am away from you.

Every morning as I draw a cross on your forehead, I wish I do not have to do that. I wish I can sleep in late with you and greet you “good morning with a smile!”. I know we do that in the weekends, but I know you feel it is never enough. I know you wish it’s summer all year long, so you can go down the stairs every monring and see my hugs waiting to wrap you up.

You saw me cry today as I picked you up from school, right?
You asked me why and I said, “it is because I don’t want to see you be the last child at the preschool to be picked up.”
Then, you added – “It’s because I am your precious one, right Mama?”
And I said, “Yes!”

I know it is tough in the morning for you and your Dad to do the regular routine, while I am already off to work. I do not know how we are actually doing it – but we are. You have been great. You have been an inspiration, and will always will be. You have been very understanding of Mama’s work schedule; you have been great at it!

Remember what I just said at dinner time? I said, “I will do anything for your sake, because you are my precious one.” And your Daddy seconded it with a kiss.

I really believe that when you wish upon the star and I ask you what you wished for, but won’t tell me – I do believe this is your wish: “I wish my Mama stays home with me all day long! I wish summer is here.”

And this is what I will wish upon the next star: “I wish that your wish will come true!”

I love you precious one!



Take the Opportunity: Listen to Someone


 Photo of Frederick Claflin

By Stuart Young


This is about being there. Not offering advice. Not pointing out
someone’s mistakes or trying to find a solution for them.
This is simply about listening. We all want to be heard, but how many
times do we feel judged or made to feel foolish. We may have been
foolish but we don’t want our noses rubbed in it, right?


And this is not about pandering to some moaner. We all know them,
they’re never happy unless they’re complaining about something or
someone. Avoid those people today and find someone that really needs
to be listened to. It may be a work colleague, it may be a friend or
family member – it may even be the person on the next table at the
coffee shop.


When you listen to someone properly you give them your full attention,
you are fully present and it makes them feel valued and important. So
turn your mobile off and try and find a time and a place where you
won’t be disturbed (that’s the tricky part!).


When you’ve fully listened to them you’ll appreciate it more when
someone really listens to you.


Editor’s Note: Stuart Young writes his thoughts on How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time. He aims to provide a “set of 365 practical little guides which WILL change your life if you commit to implementing as many as possible.” He is also completing his book about changing your life one day at a time. You can check his thoughts here.


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