A Working Mom’s Letter to her Child


To my precious one,

Funny how you told me this morning that you are my precious daughter and I asked you why. Your answer was brilliant! You said, “It’s because you love me, Mama!”

Every night, as I kiss you good night I do wish you do not have to say, “I’ll see you when you pick me up tomorrow, Mama!”. I wish I am with you throughout the day and see the things you do while I am away from you.

Every morning as I draw a cross on your forehead, I wish I do not have to do that. I wish I can sleep in late with you and greet you “good morning with a smile!”. I know we do that in the weekends, but I know you feel it is never enough. I know you wish it’s summer all year long, so you can go down the stairs every monring and see my hugs waiting to wrap you up.

You saw me cry today as I picked you up from school, right?
You asked me why and I said, “it is because I don’t want to see you be the last child at the preschool to be picked up.”
Then, you added – “It’s because I am your precious one, right Mama?”
And I said, “Yes!”

I know it is tough in the morning for you and your Dad to do the regular routine, while I am already off to work. I do not know how we are actually doing it – but we are. You have been great. You have been an inspiration, and will always will be. You have been very understanding of Mama’s work schedule; you have been great at it!

Remember what I just said at dinner time? I said, “I will do anything for your sake, because you are my precious one.” And your Daddy seconded it with a kiss.

I really believe that when you wish upon the star and I ask you what you wished for, but won’t tell me – I do believe this is your wish: “I wish my Mama stays home with me all day long! I wish summer is here.”

And this is what I will wish upon the next star: “I wish that your wish will come true!”

I love you precious one!



On Love

My Dear Alpha,

Early this morning, I told you that I have something that will make you smile. As you know by now, I am someone who keeps a lot of memories…. from photographs, letters, notes, gifts, movie tickets, stones, leaves, etc. These are some of the things that I consider my treasures. As promised here it is:

Since it doesn’t have a date, I’m not so sure as to when you gave me this one but I guess it’s more than 10 years ago. I hope that this will remind you that I treasure the time that I have known you and that I treasure your friendship and I will always remember A-L-P-H-A….

Light and Love,
Manang Ria


The letter you just read was an email sent by one of AMSDaily’s contributors, Ria Rombaoa to me last week and it made my day! It made me smile because it proved to me that still a few people I’ve known still cherished all the memories and mementos we used to share. While I was in high school, it was almost customary to exchange photographs and write a message on the back of the picture to friends who are closer to you, especially older schoolmates who were graduating from high school. What is exciting and thought-provoking are the ways I have been loyal to friends and as such, I morphed into a better individual.

That is why for today’s Big Moo, I am sharing some pictures about love – in all different levels! Take what you can get out of these pictures and remember to always share the feelings of love.

1. When you say “I love you”, make sure that you mean it.

2.  Treat your loved ones extra special. Bring them somewhere where you can give your fullest attention even if it takes building a fort away from the city.

3. Give love.

4. Think about this:

5. And this:

6. And last one:

7. Ignite your love. Do not let the spark go away. Keep it fiery!

8. Show your love in different colors.

9. Remember to keep memories and treasure them, love will last longer.


10. Hug.

11. Be proud of your love! Wear it with you.

12. Always keep in mind that, you are loved!

Have a LOVE-ly Monday!

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