That’s what you call: Productivity

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Busy body
Busy work
Busy phones, emails, social network sites

Or still mind

The fourth one calls for answer: productivity

3 Factors that Block your Success

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There are three things that hinder you from getting where and what you want:

1. You thoughts

2. Your attitude

3. Your surroundings

You can change all of these things. But, you must be willing to do it.

Sometimes it is easier to say, tomorrow will come I will do it. Tomorrow is another new day, perhaps that will be the perfect time I can start. Tomorrow, tomorrow…but when tomorrow comes, are you really prepared to do it? Did you think tomorrow will slip up and not come knocking at you?

Too bad pal…it is what it is! Today was your tomorrow. Now, get up and get changing. 

Those were your thoughts, correct?

How about these: why are the rich getting richer? Why does she seem happier and not me? Look at how huge her house is, how could she waste so much electricity?

Is this your attitude? Sometimes? Oftentimes?

If it is, drop it! 

You do not need to have any of that. If you need anything, you have to appreciate what you have in order to move on. You have to be positive and not jealous. You have to love and admire rich and successful people, if you want to be like them! You have to have a wonderful and great attitude! You gotta be positive!

How about the people, event, other things around you?

Do you listen to people’s advice who have not really done anything to improve their lives? Do you associate yourself to people you would like to? Do you reach out and mingle with the right happy crowd? Do you read books that inspire you? Do you do them all? Do you treat yourself the best way you want to be?

Ask yourself: if you want to be that person you would like to see in five years, you must start thinking about those three possible hindrances.

Start now or you will pay later!

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