Day 74: Child

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Editor’s Note: This post is written by our weekly contributor, Buenaflor Laoang. This author finished Creative Writing in the University of the Philippines Diliman, and an awardee of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Phil. in 2001. She worked with the Tarlac College of Agriculture (a government college) as Communication Officer for eight years, and now with three kids ages 2,4,and 6, moved to becoming a full time house mom. Currently she is devoted to satisfying her husband, nurturing her kids, goes to runs and outreaches, and writes. Valuing life, she keeps her love for wisdom, photography, and immersion intact- in and out business.

Dear Child,

Yes, every one of us is!  A child. And do you remember, what had been so popular about you when you were so little?

Do you remember?

You had a DREAM.

Yes. It all begins there. Do you remember being asked by your birthday guests or a crowd, “What is your dream, little one?” and there’d come out your big smile saying, “Someday, I want to become a successful…!”

And nobody questioned you about your dream, because you really held it so precious to you that when somebody disagrees, they’d be on for a mess. You’d fight for your dream.

I think in any aspect of life that comes out beautifully, it starts with that- YOU HAVE A DREAM. And you’ll do anything to pursue it! Even to knock on the doors of heaven to have it.

And because it’s your heart’s desire, why would it not be granted to you?

Let us get back to that. What had been your dream?

Is it the same, or has it changed? If it did, then– get back to childhood.

Let us be a child again, and remember clutching tight to our dream- never going to stop till we get what we want.

It is your dream.

And it is honored.

And it will be granted.





Day 73: You’ve got only one chance!

Photo: Shem Pablo

Only ONE – that’s it! In life, when you think about having only one chance everything shifts.  This concept is so powerful that when I started to think more about it, I found myself saying, “Alpha, you’ve got only one shot! Only one shot! If you don’t do this right, there may never be another chance. So, do it – once – do it right!”

When you have only one chance in winning, you must make sure that you have to give your best and you have to do it right! When you are competing in a race, you have only that chance – next year is too long to run for the marathon again, so you have got to give all your might, now! 

When you are in school, you only have one chance to be in the first grade – either do it right, listen to your teachers, follow their instructions and do your homework very well – or else, you repeat! Repeating is not what you really want in life. When you are presented with something, grab it and think about it as if it will never come around – because, really – you may never know whether it will come again or not!

I know being a Mother is all that – I have only one chance to savor my daughter’s childhood! I can not bring back time! Pretty soon, she’ll be a grade schooler then she’ll be in high school – and before I’ll know it, she’ll be in college! Thus, I have got to take this time, for it will just pass me by.

Only one chance …

Not twice…

Think about these:

1. You have only one chance to love and treasure your partner, husband or wife. In today’s busy world, if we pause and think through – we really have one chance. If we do not give all our best to nurture our relationships and our love with our other half, then all goes to wasted. Once betrayal sets in – damage seeps through, only once.

2. You have only once chance to show who you are! If you are asked to keep a secret – then keep it! You have only one chance. If the secret spills, you know that your friend will never trust you anymore. Just once – and you’ll either build or destroy your credibility and integrity. And you may lose a friend, too!

3. In life, you only have ONE! Sounds weird, but actually you only live once. I was listening to story from a friend of mine, whose friend’s husband died a couple of weeks ago – and on this person’s deathbed he mentioned to his wife that he was not yet ready to die! This made me think that if we plan for our daily activities with the thought that we only have one chance to live, then at the end we will not regret how we live through our time.

Besides –

You can not bring back time.

You can not take back opportunities.

Once it is here, you have only one chance!

Remember, it may never come around again – and if it does, you might have to wait for a longgggg time.

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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